Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Referral Based Tracking

We've just added referral based tracking to Adjix. When you publish your Adjix link to different places on the web (Twitter, blog, website, discussion forum, etc.) you'll know where a person was when they clicked on your link.

In technical terms, this is known as the "referrer". In other words, let's say you post the link http://adjix.com/h4hr to both your blog and on Twitter. Each time someone clicks on it, you'll know if they were viewing your link on your blog or Twitter.

Google AdWords
Here at Adjix, we've found this feature extremely helpful when used in conjunction with Google AdWords. We take our landing page, that we use in AdWords, and run it through Adjix to get an Adjix URL which we paste into Google AdWords. Now, whenever someone clicks on our Google AdWords ad, we know exactly where Google was running our ad. Using this, we can refine which of Google's third party ad partners generate the most clicks. Also, since we collect the "clicker's" IP address we can confirm that our ads targeting the U.S. are only being run in the U.S.

Additionally, Google AdWords lags a couple hours between receiving an AdWords click and reporting it. But, with Adjix, you know instantly when your AdWords ad was clicked.

We've actually been collecting referral information for Adjix ad-free redirects for a while, so you'll see details in your Link Stats going back several weeks. We've just begun collecting the referrer data for Adjix ad links, so, newly created links, as of this week, will now have this feature.

When the Referer is "None" this usually means that the person either typed the Adjix link directly into their web browser or they clicked on it inside an e-mail.

We believe this feature along with last week's Bookmarklets announcement make Adjix a very appealing solution.

Please let us know what you think of the referral data.