Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Twitter Comes to Adjix

Twitter Comes to Adjix
Adjix is now integrated with Twitter. With a single click of the Adjix2Twitter Bookmarklet you can create a short link for the web page you're viewing and add your comments to be posted to Twitter. Here's a 30 second video demonstrating this new feature:

Of course, these links are trackable like any other Adjix link. Just log into your Adjix Linker account and click on Bookmarklets to get your Adjix2Twitter Bookmarklet.

Use Adjix With Your Own Domain Name
Adjix2Twitter also supports your personal domain name. In other words, if you own a domain name, such as example.com, then you can configure go.example.com or links.example.com, etc., to work with your Adjix created links by updating your Linker profile. Details here:

Why is Adjix the Best Link Shortening and Tracking Site?
This page explains it best: