Tuesday, October 14, 2008

One-Click Link Shrink

Today, we introduced Bookmarklets which let Linkers shrink URLs (web links) in a single click directly from their web browser.

Linkers no longer need to visit adjix.com in order to copy and paste links to shrink them. Now, it's as simple as a single click and the shorten link is automatically pasted into your clipboard. Each Bookmarklet is customized for each Linker.

You'll find your custom Bookmarklets under the main menu once you log into your Linker account. They work with Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari on Windows, Mac OS X, and the iPhone.

We've posted several video tutorials to demonstrate the power and convenience of Bookmarklets (Requires QuickTime - if you have iTunes installed then you have QuickTime):

1. Create your personal Bookmarklets video

2. One-Click Bookmarklets in action video

3. The Two-Click Bookmarklet in action video

Time Zones
 Also, with today's release, we're happy to introduce time zone support. Now each Linker and Advertiser can edit their profile and set their time zone to their local time.

With the Adjix Bookmarklets, link shrinking has never been easier.

Joe Moreno, President
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