Friday, August 22, 2008

Adjix Plug in Japan

Late, yesterday afternoon, something strange happened.

We saw a surge in traffic from Japan bigger than the one that followed Guy Kawasaki's plug on Twitter. After examining the server logs, we found that someone in Japan blogged about Adjix.

What does it say? Here's a rough translation.

In the last 96 hours, since our official launch on Tuesday, we've receive a bunch of attention. 

Here are just a few of the Adjix mentions:


2. The North County Times saw the SoCalTech story and called me for an interview and ran this story.

3. Here's a blogger with a review of Adjix. This review points out some great issues which we've considered and prioritized since we began working on Adjix. We just launched, so features will improve over time.

4. Are people using Adjix? One way to tell is to see who's talking about it on Twitter:
Adjix on Twitter on Twitter ( are our ultra-short URLs)

- Joe