Monday, August 25, 2008

Ad-free Links Are Here!

The press and the blogosphere have been buzzing about Adjix. People aren't sure what to make of us, yet, and they're wondering what direction we're headed.

We've heard from some bloggers who love the data that we collect on their links but would sometimes prefer to do without the ads.

We listened and learned. This past weekend we implemented an ad-free link option on Adjix. Although Linkers don't generate any revenue when creating ad-free links they still get all of the same data collection they love (something our biggest competitors don't do).

In order to create an ad-free link you must log into your Linker account (your web browser must remember who you are: details). Once we know who you are, you'll now see the No Ad option:

(click to enlarge image)

Our ad-free Adjix links use the same basic redirect format the other popular link shrinkers use to shorten their URLs.

Additionally, you can hide the fact that you're using Adjix and private label your Adjix links so that your own domain name appears in the link instead of or Details here.

- Joe