Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Repeat Tweeting & Top 40

Adjix is pleased to announce two new features:
Repeat Tweeting which allows you to schedule the same tweet to be sent multiple times and Top 40 which allows you to view stats on your top 40 links without needing to login.

Repeat Tweeting
Repeat tweeting allows you to schedule a delayed tweet to be sent more than once, using our Adjix2Twitter Bookmarklet. For example, if you want to send out a tweet every day, for five days, reminding people to register for an event then you can easily do this by selecting the tweet to be sent once, every 24 hours, for five days.
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To get your Adjix2Twitter Bookmarklet, just log into your Adjix Linker account and click on Bookmarklets. Here's a 40 second video demo of how it's done: http://adjix.com/g869

Top 40
With Top 40, you can now see how many people have clicked on your Adjix links without needing to login each time. You can also sort your links by either the time the link was created or by the number of hits it's received. We look back at your last 100 links and display the top 40.

Just bookmark one of the following links to see your stats (both links take you to the same place):

You may have to authorize your computer, the first time you visit you Top 40, by logging into your Adjix account. But, once your computer is authorized, you're all set.