Thursday, December 18, 2008

Thoughts on Linking

We've encountered a small number of Internet purists who feel that people should not get paid to link to other websites under any circumstances. Obviously, this is exactly the opposite of how we, at Adjix, feel.

Content websites run ads (whether they're news sites or blogs) that generate revenues for the content providers. When a person forwards a link to a website, the person forwarding that link receives no benefit from the additional traffic he or she directed to the content provider. At Adjix, we're trying to help out the link forwarder and we call those people Linkers.

Options and More Options
Adjix has an option to not include any ads when Linkers use Adjix to shrink a link - but we still collect link click data for all Linkers. The data we collect is part of Adjix's "big payoff". Additionally, users have an option to remove an ad after clicking on an Adjix link. A couple months ago, an eject button icon was added in the upper right to remove Adjix ads and yesterday, to make it clearer, the eject button was replaced with a simple link that reads, "Remove ad".

Many of our new features come from our users, either directly or via Like all startups, we have more features to implement than time in the day - but we're working as quickly as possible. Most recently, we've received excellent feedback on Adjix2Twitter and we'll be rolling out enhancements for this out soon.

We've noticed that a number of bloggers will constructively criticize Adjix in their blogs, but we may never hear of it; so don't forget to send us a link when you post your thoughts on Adjix. We'd love to hear your feedback, directly.